Is Will Ferrell Masquerading as a Sloth on The Masked Dancer?

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Could Will Ferrell be one of the dancers on The Masked Dancer? Crazier things have happened. 

In tonight's episode of the Masked Singer spinoff, Group B returns to strut their stuff and one of the contestants is giving off some big time comedian vibes. The Sloth's got moves, and those moves might just belong to one of the most famous comedic actors of all. 

"Will Ferrell's very tall, and he's a comedian," panelist Ashley Tisdale points out. 

Fellow panelist Paula Abdul reveals that she choreographed Will in the past, and Ken Jeong points out that Will did a ribbon dance in Old School. Could it really be Will Ferrell? 

We'll have to wait to find out but we're guessing no. There are a few clues to mull over in the meantime, including one that references a stint on Dancing With the Stars. Sloth's first clue package also featured badges that read "D.R.," and he revealed that he had a "bad accident" as a kid. 

"People talked down and dirty to me and said that I was just a Mickey Mouse operation," he said. "But I didn't give up, and now I wake up each day stronger than yesterday." 

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You can watch an exclusive clip below!

Sloth is one of 10 competitors on the debut season of The Masked Dancer. So far, the Disco Ball was revealed to be Ice-T and the Ice Cube turned out to be Bill Nye. Not a bad start to a new show!

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Keep an eye on all the masked dancers by scrolling down. 


He's a fitness lover who worked hard to get to wherever he is today. He had a bad accident as a kid, and one clue suggests he was on Dancing With the Stars. The number 13 is also important. 

FoxCotton Candy

She's a perfectionist who loves an English-style breakfast, and has something to do with a wizard hat. She moved in with a new family as a kid and had trouble keeping up, and there's something about a clock with the numbers 12, 5, 6 and 9 replaced with L, E, F and I. Lip cupcakes are also important. 


He's a shark who loves a burger and some alphabet soup that says "talk." He also loves a cup of "Joe." He became famous too quickly and realized he was unhappy, so now he's doing things that used to scare him. 


Tulip loves the number 11 and was teased all the time growing up. She was in the glee club and the acrobatics club, and she's got some fancy green boots that she occasionally clicks together a la The Wizard of Oz. 


Cricket's not a pro dancer but he loves to bet on himself. There are references to 90210, Punk'd and The Apprentice, and four aces are important. 


He's been out of the limelight for a while, but he wears a medal with a "3" on it. The number 11 and the letters "OS" are important. Lots of boyband references and a dancing hot dog. The president knows his name and he has a book. 

FoxExotic Bird

Exotic Bird started competing when she was a teenager. She has a perfume line and a glittery gun. She felt attacked a lot. "Best by 07" is a clue. 

FoxMiss Moth

Elizabeth Smart was revealed to be the Moth. Her clues included... She's in the spotlight even if she didn't want it. She used to be a regular moth and then was suddenly making headlines with the president. She had a traumatic experience that changed her life and she's a survivor who now has ties to the Capitol building. 

FoxIce Cube: Bill Nye

Ken Jeong called it: Bill Nye the Science Guy turned out to be the dancing Ice Cube. 

FoxDisco Ball: Ice-T

Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T somehow had the time to dance on The Masked Dancer as the Disco Ball. Who knew?! 

The Masked Dancer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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